Meeting rooms and event venues

At the end of the alley between the houses is the gorge itself. In it is a staircase, which looks like it is hanging in the open air – because it is built in the gorge. The stairs will take you up and down the different rooms and venues.

Fiskakjallarin (The fish cellar)

Reception: 120 people

Do you want the reception to be out of the ordinary? Or how about an intimate concert? Then Fiskakjallarin is the right venue with its raw and authentic expression.

Pakkirúmið (The storage room)

Dinner: 90 people
Reception: 140 people
Lecture or concert: 90 people

Pakkirúmið is well suited for small conferences or big meetings. You can step out on a balcony with a view of the gorge and the neighbouring village.

Norðara turkikamar

8 people
It can be attached to Turkiloftið

Norðara turkikamar is a small meeting room on the top floor, which can be attached to Turkiloftið.

Overhead projectors, flip over, whiteboards and wifi is included.

To arrange meetings or events, contact Jonleyg at +298 250 600 or send an email to

Warehouse, henhouse, hang-out, car cemetery … and warehouse

The clock did not decide when the villagers had to come to work. It was the weather. Up on TURKILOFTIÐ (the attic for drying), facing the village is a tiny window. From there, a white flag would signal when there was any work to do. Immediately you would see armies of people marching down. On a good day, the pay was 25 DKK.

In the beginning, they would dry the fish on the fiskastykkið (the stone-paved ground). But later on, when the warehouse was extended, they would dry fish upstairs in the TURKILOFTIÐ because therein was a motor blowing warm air. When the fish had dried and turned into bacalao, the villagers would weigh, package, and stamp it FAROE FISH. Then a steamship would ship it to Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The warehouse has a special place in the heart of the villagers. And there are many stories to tell. Since fish production stopped, there have been a lot of other activities here. These halls were once home to 2000 chickens for egg production. Later on, young villagers would hide here to do graffiti – the "artworks" still decorate the walls. And – although hard to imagine today – people used to throw old car wrecks down into the gorge.

Besides this, nothing has changed. The warehouse has been renovated, of course, but the activities are still here. The villagers are still here. And, needless to say, world-class fish and other delicious food.

Yes, the warehouse ÚTI Á GJÓGV is still here.